Help Team ADESA Raise $75,000 for HSC And People Like Matthew

Your Donations Impact – Matthew

In March of 2014, toddler Matthew became very sick with what his parents and pediatrician assumed was nothing more than a serious flu. It wasn’t until his symptoms worsened and he was rushed to HSC that he was diagnosed with Haemophilus Influenza Type F, an extremely rare and dangerous form of meningitis that could result in severe consequences.

After weeks of tests at HSC, Matthew finally began to recover. He relearned how to talk and walk, and a surgically inserted cochlear implant allowed him to hear again, something that would not have been possible without the financial gifts of HSC donors.

“”The care Matthew received all throughout his journey – the testing, the operation, the counselling and advice – is a prime example of extraordinary care happening for families every day at HSC Winnipeg.”

-Erin Spears, Matthew’s Mother

Our team is matching all donations between September 7th and 14th up to $10,000!

Team ADESA’s goal is to raise $75,000 for Health Sciences Centre Foundation’s Celebrity Human Race. Your support will bring hope to life for patients and their families in our community. Donate now to help families like Matthew’s.

Current funds raise to date: $63,000 our goal $75,000.

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