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Your Donations Impact – Jared

During a typical snowmobile ride home from his friend’s one winter evening, Jared was in a horrific accident that left him crawling on his stomach for over a mile through the freezing cold with a torn aorta, a broken lower back, several bone fractures, and internal bleeding.

Once found, he was rushed to HSC where orthopedic surgeon Dr. Michael Goytan performed emergency surgery on Jared’s spine, using titanium spinal implants and a thigh bone to reconstruct his lower back.

After three months in the hospital of additional surgeries and intensive rehabilitation, Jared was able to walk and lift light items, and return home to his family, including his 3-year-old son.

“Between Toronto and Calgary, HSC is the only place where this type of spine surgery could be done. Our team is grateful to be able to offer this kind of advanced care in Manitoba.”

-Dr. Michael Goytan, Orthopedic Surgeon

Our team is matching all donations between September 7th and 14th up to $10,000!

Team ADESA’s goal is to raise $75,000 for Health Sciences Centre Foundation’s Celebrity Human Race. Your support will bring hope to life for patients and their families in our community. Donate now to help families like Jared’s.

Current funds raise to date: $63,000 our goal $75,000

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