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Frequently Asked Questions

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– The vehicle needs to be free & clear of any liens
– Transfer of ownership (Blue copy of your MPI registration)
– Photocopy of drivers license

Absolutely not, we would help you to setup a minimum price for your vehicle that you’re comfortable with and your vehicle wouldn’t be sold unless the bidding reached that minimum price or higher. If the bidding doesn’t reach your minimum price, we would still present you the highest bid as an offer.

The perfect scenario is, your vehicle is sold and we would charge a sellers fee relative to the selling price.

Here are some examples:
$5000 = seller fee of $445
$10,000 = seller fee of $570
$15,000 = seller fee of $695
$20,000 = seller fee of $745

If your vehicle was unable to sell after 3 live auctions, all we would charge is $149.00 and that includes the $35 vehicle history report that we have to perform. We will supply you with a copy of the report.

We will run in 3 different live auctions plus it will be posted up on our daily internet auction. That way we know we hit all of our potential buyers.

That’s not a problem, 90% of the vehicles we sell are not safety certified. All we need to do is declare any major problems with the vehicle that you are aware of.

Unfortunately you’re comparing your vehicle to ones that haven’t sold and if they do sell, there’s no way of knowing what the actual price it sold for. With the power of our Market guide we can show you the actual selling prices of comparable vehicles that have sold over the past 5 weeks.

We strongly advise keeping the insurance on your vehicle or at least having storage Insurance to make sure you’re covered for any acts of nature like hail damage.

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